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a|i|r records is....

Strong and clear, innovative and imaginative. Our mission is to present music, regardless of genre, that is deserving of your attention. Also, to deliver that music to you at an affordable price. Pretty simple.

benefiting you, benefiting artists...

a|i|r records was established in 1986 with the purpose of benefiting the artist and promoting label loyalty through its quality and its diversity. Boutique label have their place, but a|i|r records doesn't present" boutique" or genre specific music. We don't think people live by bread alone, nor one type of music. Peoples tastes are diverse - they just want the music to be good. a|i|r records reflects that. In the shadow of monster corporate labels, a|i|r records believes exclusivity and quality mean something. Our roster is small in order to focus more attention to each artist on the label. We like to think of ourselves as the littlest major label in the world.

What should be a necessary part of life - good music - has become more of a risky investment when buying a CD or MP3's. We keeps prices very reasonable and offers many ways to purchase it’s artists music. Proving this new approach, and the trust between us and our customers, is the much talked about Honor System (order music on the a|i|r records site and once you receive it then you pay for it). Belief that people are inherently good? Kind of. Our customers believe in the label and vise versa - loyalty and trust between us and our customers is what inspired the label from it’s inception. a|i|r records puts it’s money where it’s mouth is - literally.

Cool labels always have something interesting to check out and a perspective on music and willing to make a stand on that. We love and care about music. We're a|i|r records.

who's behind all this...
Derek Chafin is the president
and founder of a|i|r records.
Derek is an artist, producer,
and is responsible for the
overall vision and
direction of a|i|r

But the most essential members of the a|i|r records team are the artists that are on this label and you,the people who support their music.

a|i|r records boast an international roster of artists. Our selection process for artists is as stringent as most major labels and in many ways more so. We will expand our roster but still keep it select. We're building our reputation every day and it's imperative that we deliver only the best and present to our customers new and exciting artists.