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Mister Jimmy's new 5 song EP is a musical tour de force. His lyrics are clever, intelligent while grounded and earthen. The music is powerful and aimed to get you on the dance floor. Think a modern INXS with the lyrics of Lenard Cohen and you'll have the general gist.

Mister Jimmy was the front man and main songwriter of the Union Dead. Gun's and Roses and Stooges comparisons were a natural but missed the bands almost religious belief in "Rock n' Roll" it's theater, it's power, it's freedom and the primitive core of human passion and feeling. They were as frightening and confrontational as they were smart and cerebral. A dangerous band and Mister Jimmy was the tip of the blade.

In The Blonde was Mister Jimmy's next project and with the release of the self titled debut CD, Mister Jimmy's utterly unique and expansive writing chops were front and center. Blisteringly heartfelt, painfully honest lyrics both poetic and tangible were balanced by enormous melodic hooks and glistening production

Finally it was time for Mister Jimmy's first solo release. Produced by Derek Chafin and recorded at BarnSound all the elements and considerable talents of Mister Jimmy are on full display and at full volume. Soaring hooks, a pounding groove, smart and original lyrics combine with performances on the verge of exploding into space.

Get it here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/misterjimmy

mister jimmy

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