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Transistor Rodeo makes its home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania though its members hail from all over the US. They play a rootsy style of rock'n'roll conveniently called "Alt-Country" by the more creative members of the music press. Transistor Rodeo is a five piece outfit consisting of the standard vocal, 2 guitar, bass, drums format with the tasty addition of the violin. Their style has been compared to everyone from Tom Petty to Son Volt and almost never to Heavy D.

OK, Transistor Rodeo fell in with the wrong crowd. And yes, their whiskey-soaked, rootsy rock ‘n’ roll cracks with all the danger of a twelve gauge. But the tunes soar with huge hooks and thoughtful lyrics. They move your ass AND your heart.

Born out of a songwriting partnership between Bob Jordan and Doug Goldberg in the mid ‘90s, T.R. has become an institution in the middle of the east coast. The band consists of Bob on lead vocals and guitar, Doug on Guitar, Tim Reeder on drums, Joe McClure on bass and Judy Burke on violin. The band plays frequent live shows in clubs and festivals. They’ve released three full-length CDs of original rock ‘n’ roll on independent label, AIR Records including Plastic Palomino (1996), White Trash Honeymoon (2000) and Goin’ Out In Style (2006)

With the release of their latest record Transistor Rodeo is poised to claim their place in the Americana movement in rock music. It was only a matter of time


transistor rodeo

Goin' Out In Style
Audio CD

White Trash Honeymoon
Audio CD

Plastic Palamino
Audio CD