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Seve’s “Wisconsin” is an American story, where moral ambiguity is the only solid thing to hang on to. The music's beauty, minimalism, warmth and absolute unflinching realism are inseparable from the words it supports. The hardships of life do not discount its majesty.

This group of songs was cobbled together from bar napkin confessions, notes on match book covers, and foam coffee cups written on college road trips and then on business trips.

They try to piece together what life's about and what occurs while you're trying to find the balance between what you want and what you need, for yourself and your family... and wondering if they really know how much of the day you're thinking about them

These songs are about family - they are about the poetry that spills from a 5 year old mind-in-the-making, hoping and praying that she finds her way in the world - wondering if you can steer her beautiful life clear of all the trouble that's out there waiting to be found. They are about loving your kin so much you can barely stand to think on it

They are about growing up in parts - one part Catholic, one part Baptist, one measure of practicality, one dose of evangelism

These songs are about old friends - when you ask for their two cents sometimes you get a silver dollar - other times you get the things money just can't buy

These songs are about being a husband, a father, a man, and the pressure and hopes that you'll be the best you can at each, everyday. A testament to wishing you could wake your little kids, load them in the makeshift bed in the backseat of your truck (just like the one you had as a kid) and head off in the breaking dawn - south, always toward the south - toward every dream you've ever had of what it means to be free

Get it here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/seve


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