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Over the past 10 years, Keith Garners’ incredible gifts, heartfelt lyrics, and all too genuine piano-based songwriting has earned him a chance to finally be heard through this coming of age debut album Something Better On My Side. The album is filled with alluring melodies, captivating hooks and hopeful heart-wrenching lyrics that will undoubtedly give any music lover a timeless journey. “Don’t Lie,” “Hold On,” share stories of love and loss through catchy hooks and Keith’s heart in his hands vocals. “Judge Me,” and “Something Better On My Side,” give an in your face persona of daily troubles in life with the use of memorable piano licks and powerful lyrics/hooks. Keith also has a ballad heartbeat and through the songs “One Last Dream,” “Question,” “Runaway,” and “Just You,” you can feel his thoughtful hope-filled soul. “Wanna Live” gives a more pop-like sensation and tells a story about following the so called right track and ending up unsatisfied. And finally “Rubber Legs” is a rock n’ roll song about getting back up when you get knocked down

keith garner

Something Better on My Side
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