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Born in West Virginia, Chafin grew up in Philadelphia, where he has been a mainstay of the city's musical life since his debut with the Philadelphia Opera Company at age ten. As a member of some of Philly's most critically acclaimed bands (The Darrows, X's + O's, Head, and Superstatic), Chafin has honed his chops and songwriting talents playing with some of the nation's biggest acts and puking backstage at all of the region's worst clubs. His songwriting reflects the emotional intensity of the Beat Generation poets, and has earned the attention of the record industry and national press.

Derek’s latest CD “The Electric Wire Bird” is a collaboration with Joanna Justice. The music is modern, hard, big gooves with lyrics that are incredibly honest and laid bare. The CD is about showing its influences while reaching to move the ball forward. It is where EDM and rock meet, and to go past the limits of either - bringing a sense of song to EDM and vibrant, forward thinking sonics back to rock.

In 2005 and 2006, A.I.R Records released Chafin’s first solo records. They contain all the elements that have become emblematic of Chafin’s sound: dynamic songwriting with blistering, swirling torrents of guitar, a grinding beat, beautiful melodies and up lifting, hypnotic vocals.

The Glad House is an acoustic based record with incredible string arrangements by Jon cooper. It is simply a tour de force and breathtaking in it's beauty.

Echoplexed was produced by Steve Durkee. Chafin was invited out for a recording session at Prince's Paisley Park Studio, and it was there that he met Steve Durkee, the producer and engineer behind Echoplexed unique recording sound. As lead engineer on all of Prince's hottest records, Durkee is one of the most creative and innovative engineers in the business. His work with Derek comes on the heels of engineering duties for the Prince, Rage Against the Machine, Buckcherry, Paul McCartney and AIR. Durkee’s enthusiasm for the material and penchant for experimentation was perfect for the kind of record Chafin wanted to make.

Artist home site: www.derekchafin.com

derek chafin

Electric Wire Bird
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Glad House
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